NGU Handicap League

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This is a fourball, better ball matchplay, four pairs league.

Home and away matches to GY and Caister, Costessey, Eaton and Middleton Hall.

No cost to play, so enjoy some great competitions.

The fixtures are listed below. Keep an eye on this page for team news.

It is a great way to play other courses for no cost.

The handicap limit is 20 and as a better ball will be 90% of the difference from the lowest player handicap.


NCGU Handicap League    
Day Date Fixture Result
Saturday 13/04/2019 NGU Costessey Park (H) 12.00 Lost 11/2 - 21/2
Saturday 04/05/2019 NGU Costessey Park (A) 12.00 Lost 31/2 - 1/2
Saturday 11/05/2019 NGU GY & Caister (H) 13.30 Drew 2-2
Sunday 19/05/2019 NGU Eaton (A) 10.00 Lost 3-1
Sunday 02/06/2019 NGU Middleston Hall (H) 11.00 Drew 2-2
Sunday 23/06/2019 NGU Eaton (H) 09.30 Drew 2-2
Sunday 21/07/2019 NGU Middleton Hall (A) 11.00 Lost 3-1
Saturday 03/08/2019 NGU GY & Caister (A) 13.30 Drew 2-2